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Welcome to THINKING ALLOWED, Conversations on the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery

THINKING ALLOWED is a long-running independent public television series and an extensive video library developed from the series. Hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., Thinking Allowed provides an open, non-adversarial forum for the exchange of timeless wisdom and intelligent, often alternative ideas. The program features many of the world's leading scholars, researchers, writers and teachers and covers a broad range of topics.

Our new streaming option offers digitally remastered versions of all of our programs. We will be adding many
Thinking Allowed programs that have not been seen since the series aired on public television and some that have never before been released.

Thinking Allowed host Jeffrey Mishlove is a licensed clinical psychologist, an accomplished radio and television interviewer, and one of the most erudite and articulate personalities on television. He is the author of an encyclopedic volume of consciousness studies, The Roots of Consciousness.

Jeffrey is keeping up the flame as host of New Thinking Allowed, an ongoing YouTube based series.

InnerWork Collection

In-depth 90-minute multi-part videos exploring the depth and limits of being human. Most include one-hour portions never aired on television.

HourLong Collection

Titles in this collection each feature a two-part program with a single guest from the Thinking Allowed television series.

Singles Collection

Full, original half-hour programs from the Thinking Allowed television series.

New Releases: Unearthed Gems

Unreleased titles from the Thinking Allowed collection. These are programs that have been unavailable since they originally aired on the public television series. We will be adding more titles to this section regularly. We've only just launched the site, so stand by!

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