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New Releases - Unearthed Gems

New Releases - Unearthed Gems

Unreleased titles from the Thinking Allowed collection. These are programs that have been unavailable since they originally aired on the public television series. We will be adding more titles to this section regularly. We've only just launched the site, so stand by!

New Releases - Unearthed Gems
  • Huston Smith - A Philosophical Journey

    1 season

    The late Huston Smith was emeritus professor of philosophy at Syracuse University. He has also taught at M.I.T. and at U.C. Berkeley. He is author of The World's Religions, The Primordial Tradition and Beyond the Post-Modern Mind.

    In Part 1 of this program Huston Smith describes his journey fro...

  • Dean Ornish - The Healing Power of Intimacy

    1 season

    Dean Ornish, M.D., is founding director of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, clinical professor at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco and an attending physician at the California Pacific Medical Center. He is author of several books in...

  • John Tarrant - The Light Inside the Dark

    1 season

    John Tarrant is a teacher of Zen Buddhism and also a Jungian psychotherapist. He is on the faculty of the program for integrative medicine at the University of Arizona, Tucson. He is author of The Dark Inside the Light. Here is makes the distinction between spirit and soul – spirit referring t...

  • Diane Skafte - Listening to the Oracle

    1 season

    Dianne Skafte is professor of psychology and mythological studies at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpenteria, California. She is author of Listening to the Oracle: The Ancient Art of Finding Guidance in the Signs and Symbols All Around Us. She defines oracles as a source of life-changing ...

  • Garfield, Patricia - The Healing Power of Dreams

    Patricia Garfield is author of Creative Dreaming, Pathway to Ecstasy, Your Child's Dreams, Women's Bodies - Women's Dreams and The Healing Power of Dreams. Here she discusses sleep temples of the ancient world in which dreams were incubated for their healing potentials. Using examples from her ...

  • Neil Freer - Rethinking God

    1 season

    Neil Freer, author of Breaking the Godspell and God Games, discusses the profound implications of the work of Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin, Sitchin's conclusions, which were developed in his books The 12th Planet and The Stairway to Heaven, concern the extra-terrestrial origins of the gods a...

  • Beebe, John - Integrity in Depth

    John Beebe, a Jungian analyst and author of Integrity in Depth, suggests that integrity is related to the integration of the personality, particularly the shadow side. In this sense integrity involves the reconciliation of opposing tendencies within oneself.